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Single Pane of Glass (Single Pane View or Single Pane of Management Control) is the goal of several IT Operations Managers. It integrates all parts of heterogeneous and or homogenous IT systems.

A Cloud Computing Console such as Azure Portal, Google Cloud Console are good examples of Single Pane of Glass. These GUI tools gives ‘one view’ for virtual machines, storage, network, development tools and other.

I had an opportunity to design and implement Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) for Ministry of Health, BC a decade ago. This tool from Oracle provides a consolidated management view of various security data stores…

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Microservices deployment in Kubernetes demands higher-level security needs and perception. The non-functional requirements of Microservices are unfolding in a complex manner. The two least focused areas in a Software Development Life Cycle are ‘Security’ and ‘Performance’.

Consider Development is on the ‘left’ and Operations is at the ‘right’. It is important to shift the security to the left; Therefore, organizations can enjoy the speed to market practice of DevOps to release their applications securely and stay competitive.

DevSecOps is the practice to enable the ‘shift security to the left’ concept. It is a collaborated automation framework that integrates Development, Operations…

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In twenties, it was not hard to choose a hosting platform for an application. It was either BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere or NET.

The growth of Cloud Computing, Agile, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and Microservices introduced a large amount of build and platform tools in the Market. The hosting environments have become software defined, cloud native and immutable infrastructure.

Containers revolutionized the way we deploy applications and the concept of speed to market demanding agility in every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Deployment.

Tools such as Docker, Podman, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift drives the…

Everyone sells.

We sell every time we want someone else to do something for us. For more than 20 years, I sell my resume successfully to customers to close contract opportunities. I sold Oracle services for Toyork, Kubernetes Services for Kuberiter and for the last few months, I sell premium Cloud Computing courses for RedPeppy.

My grandmother was a teacher and she also sold Jujubes in the weekly market. Every weekend, she came home with an average sum of Rs 40–60. Trust me, it was a big money in early 1980’s.

From Wikipedia — The Indian jujube is called as…

Every thanksgiving season, I take time to retrospect on all the people who have impacted me positively both personally and professionally. They have molded my thinking and perspectives about life. Their generosity and support at the right time has taken me on an interesting and eventful journey leading to where I am today in my life!

I often tell my son (14 years), “Talent and education are good to have. However, if it goes unrecognized, it might not be of great use. Opportunities were given to me by those that could recognize my potential and took a chance on me…

COVID-19 introduced unique IT security challenges in several organizations. Some of the reasons are remote work, layoffs, shortage for high bandwidth and lack of automation.

I’m afraid that the industry will see a new legacy systems era for few years from now just like the one we saw after the financial collapse in 2008. It may exist in the Cloud this time.

DevSecOps will become a key focus area on every CIO’s table and the new CKS (Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist) certification from CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) will be the most sought after.

Kubernetes is one of the prime…

Thompson River, Kamloops BC — Lawrence Manickam

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6 is now available, Production Grade, GA.

What is Red Hat OpenShift?

It’s a Container hosting platform with rich features from Red Hat (IBM). The core of Red Hat OpenShift is Kubernetes.

There are application Servers such as Oracle WebLogic and IBM WebSphere in the market. The core of an application server is J2EE (Java EE) and its job is to host J2EE applications.

Similarly, Red Hat OpenShift hosts Container(ized Application)s. It is scalable, secure, cloud native, with minimal configuration and overhead.

Red Hat did not publicly release OpenShift Container Platform 4.6.0 as the GA version and, instead, is releasing…

I published more than 40 Kubernetes related content in the last two years. The buzz around Kubernetes and the opportunities available is ever increasing.

We launched RedPeppy (Cloud Native Computing Online Courses) yesterday with 21 pre-orders for my upcoming Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) online course.

During the launch, my thoughts traveled back to all those DR/BCP (Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning) exercises. The IT folks worked very hard to implement DR solutions for more than 2 decades and they have been successful in testing them for various disasters and unexpected events.

COVID-19 changed the above matrix and understanding. It changed the…

Sunset — Cambria, CA — Lawrence Manickam

I do telecommute for 15 years in a row, with some travel. In my opinion, telecommute worker force was invented by IBM after 9/11. Between 2005 and 2008, I enjoyed my telecommute consulting experience at IBM Global Services with necessary tools.

I am an advocate for Telecommute work. When Marissa Mayer had banned Telecommuting at Yahoo in 2013, I opposed her decision for all good reasons through Social Media for a year. Her Anti-Remote work stance was a major reason for the high attrition rate at Yahoo and a key factor in bringing down the company eventually.

Today a major…

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A Container registry is a storage location dedicated for storing and managing Container images. It can be operated and managed using a User Interface or a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool.

Let’s try to understand the differences between a Container image and a Container.

Container Image

  • Container image is a file, a template, a snapshot of a Container, and immutable.
  • It contains application code, OS libraries, runtime, environment variables and configuration files.


  • Container is a running instance of an image.

To use Java analogy — An image is a class, then a container is an instance of a class — a runtime…

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